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Continuing Facebook's multi-app strategy, Instagram on Tuesday debuted a standalone app that turns video recordings into sped-up timelapses.
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This is it. It works. http://nickgrossman.is/post/91947494474/the-freedom-to-innovate

At today’s Google I/O keynote, Google revealed its plan to redesign itself from the ground up.
Google took to the stage in San Francisco to roll out most of its big plans for the year. Some were great, others less so. But between the Android update, its burgeoning smartwatch platform and its never-ending quest to conquer your living room, there was plenty to chew on. Here’s the best (and the rest), of Google I/O 2014.
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Please remember to turn off your computer brain before boarding the airplane.
Aside from the addition of a whole lot more screens, daily life for most people doesn’t look much different than it did 10 or 15 years ago. But if scientists and eager startups are to be believed, the next few decades will be busting at the seams with dramatic, sci-fi inspired innovations, like synthetic meat, drone technology, and autonomous cars.
If these technologies pan out, the world will not only look very different, it will have to operate differently too. In a Tumblr called Signs from the Near Future ( signsfromthenearfuture ), designer Fernando Barbella explores what signage will look like when we have to absorb all of these innovations into human culture—perhaps there will be advertising discounts on test-tube burgers, or airport warnings for travelers who may have forgotten to turn off their computer brains.
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"The no set work hours and unlimited vacation are just a small part of a much bigger idea."


While hiring someone you just met and then telling them they have no set hours and can take a vacation tomorrow, if they so choose, may sound a little crazy to most employers, CEO Sam Decker believes other companies should look into the practice because he says Freesponsibility isn’t simply built on a foundation of blind trust, it’s built on a psychological and social phenomenon called the Pygmalion Effect.

“The Pygmalion Effect says that the more trust you put in someone, the more they will fulfill that trust.”

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(via fastcompany)


Green Architecture Reaches New Heights with Milan’s Vertical Forest

By the end of the year, there will likely be two giant Army blimps hovering 10,000 feet above Baltimore with the ability to see 340 miles in any direction. Most forms of surveillance have weaknesses: If they’re ground-based, they have range limitations.
Predator drones have to refuel and don’t have the ability to hover in one spot. Helicopters are really loud and generally have to fly pretty low. That’s where JLENS comes in.
It’s a giant, 243-foot long blimp that’s tethered to the ground. It has ridiculously powerful radar and cameras. It pretty much doesn’t have to move, and it only has to land once a month or so for quick maintenance. Yes, that means the entire mid-Atlantic region will, at least, have the potential to be under “persistent surveillance,” a dream term for those in the intelligence biz and a worst-case scenario for those who care a lick about privacy.
One aerostat that was tested in Utah last year was able to follow individual vehicles “dozens of miles away” and watch a test subject plant a fake bomb on the side of the road. According to the Washington Post, the Army has “no current plans” to use that high-powered video sensor in Maryland, but wouldn’t rule out using it in the future.
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CES 2014: Smart contact lenses ‘give you superhuman vision’

6 reasons planning a trip is (almost) better than going on one
1. Everything is possible. 
Up until the moment you click “buy” on those airplane tickets, you could go anywhere. Sure you have a budget and places you want to go, but still, for one brief second you can pretend you’re living the life of the super wealthy, that you can jet off to Rome for dinner and Iceland for a mud bath. Planning a trip is about dreaming and, the wilder the dreams, the better. In that first stage of planning you don’t have to be practical. You can think crazy: I’m going to New Zealand so obviously I should see Australia too, because they’re so close, amirite?!? Sure, at some point you’ll have to whittle it down and count your pennies, but not yet.
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Forbes: Reflecting on #30Under30


#  I I live in a world of go. Go forth, go on, go in, go further, go for it. It’s this constant go that gives me speed and strength. It’s also this go that gives me impatience, and a desperate need to discover and uncover the world at a rapid pace. 

A few years ago I actually told my parents I wanted to make the Forbes List. I was six (just kidding). It was not to win an award, or to be recognized for my work (although it’s totally badass!); it was to accomplish work that was worthy of such recognition. I was inspired by winners of the past, those who had put effort, aggression, passion and perseverance into the everyday, because to make everyday important, is a far greater challenge.

At 28, I’m still learning, adjusting, breaking, bending, growing, and sharpening. But I have learned to attack every day with vengeance - a vengeance to inspire, both others and myself, and a vengeance to do better than my best. To some, this vengeance can seem harsh, and well, it is. It can seem aggressive. It is. And if it seems all too serious, that’s because it is. The energy I put out into the world, the heart I put into my work, the lengths I take to inspire and learn from others, is no laughing matter… because I have made a choice, for every single moment to matter. 

At 28, I often get in trouble for my aggression (enter angry emoji here). But I have learned that passion is one of the most powerful tools we have (thanks Dad). This past year, Sheryl Sandberg bravely shared some sob stories, Harvard Biz Review opened the female flood gates with their controversial article, Emotional, Bossy, Too Nice and I too joined the fiery forces. Because risk taking requires heart, and it’s this heart, that has helped me fight my goals, and conquer them with fury.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 List includes 450 movers and shakers who define this go. They are believers (and serious overachievers!) who bridge head and heart, and challenge the everyday. They aren’t afraid to question the quo, or break the boundaries, and I am humbled to be considered one of them. It’s wonderful to be recognized for your work (it takes a village, and there are too many to thank), but it’s remarkable to set your mind on something, and watch the magic happen.

Your life is in your control, so go get it.


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